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Field of Flags Application

If you have attended the Lockbourne Memorial Day Parade & Celebration, then you know about the magnificent Field of Flags display that is erected every Memorial Day in honor of our Veterans and Service Men and Women. You can honor a past or present member of the armed forces by purchasing a flag to display in the Field of Flags.

To apply, you will need to fill out an application that includes: Purchaser Information, Information on Person You Would Like to Honor, and Tribute (what message you would like included).

You will need to indicate that after the Memorial Day Parade & Celebration if you will:

I will pick up flag at the event

I will donate flag to Memorial Day Parade Committee

I would like flag shipped to specified address (an additional $5.00 for shipping is charged)


Cost of the flag:

_____ Yes, I would like to order a flag for $30.00

_____ Yes, I would like to renew a flag for $10.00

_____ Yes, I would like to replace the tribute card for $3.00


For more information please contact:

Village Office:  (614) 491-3161