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Stormwater Awareness Week

Franklin County, Ohio -

Communities across central Ohio are asking their residents, businesses, and visitors to “Be the Change for Clean Water” and take action next week, October 20-26, 2019.

“Stormwater Awareness Week offers central Ohioans an opportunity to learn how they can take small actions to make a big impact on protecting resources that are impacted by stormwater, including drinking water,” said Jennifer Fish, director of the Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District.

Franklin County has over 2,940 miles of waterways including ditches, streams, and rivers (that’s longer than distance from L.A. to New York!) that drain the county throughout several watersheds, ultimately dumping into the Ohio River. Stormwater is generated from rain and snowmelt that flow over land or hard surfaces, picking up pollutants such as trash, chemicals, oils, and dirt. Some common household items including lawn fertilizer or paint can easily wash away too, carried directly to our surface water by storm drains.

During Stormwater Awareness Week, Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District urges residents to take one or more of the following actions to help make sure that clean streams start right here in Franklin County:

· Pick up trash in your neighborhood or local park.

· Plant native plants and trees.

· Install a rain garden to collect stormwater runoff. Install a rain garden to collect runoff, preventing stormwater pollution.

· Mulch leaves on your grass to help soil conditions.

· Clear debris from storm drains!